Thursday, September 23, 2010

Walking on Thursday

Out on my walk with my two walking-buddies today, we came across a minivan with a bumper sticker that read "Republicans for Voldemort". For a Harry Potter maniac like me, this message can have at least two interpretations. One, it could be that the owner of the bumper sticker is expressing their opinion that the Republican Party is destined for greatness if they were to choose Voldemort as their leader. After all as Mr. Olevander says when he is selling Harry Potter his wand, that they can all expect greatness from Harry because with the brother of his new wand, Voldemort had done terrible, yet great things. It seems to me that Voldemort was misaligned with respect to applying his genius. 

Another interpretation could be that this is a rallying cry for Republicans to find themselves a leader with a brain; no doubt there are smart people buried within the Party. Also, it would be helpful if their spokesperson could be consensus-building, possess integrity, and even the merest inkling of reasonable-ness. 

Others: It could also be that a democrat or libertarian owns the vehicle, and is expressing the opinion that Republicans are evil people looking for an evil leader. I feel confident that there are other interpretations for this bumper sticker, but also recognize that I cannot spend the day concocting any more. Back to work I go!  

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