Monday, September 6, 2010

Cookie Mania

In preparation for traveling to see my sister tomorrow, for whom I always like to bring something chocolatey (or, brown as we like to say), I have made a batch of World Peace Cookies (a recipe from Dorie Greenspan and Bon Appetit). They are absolutely beautiful and delicious. After all what could go wrong when mixing together butter, sugar, and chocolate? My kitchen companion is Madame Biddy who has overseen the cookie baking process for me. We have been enjoying all the rewards that come from cooking in general and baking in particular. We have been enjoying the delights that come with making something delicious such as the amazing aroma that is enveloping the house at present. For this batch of cookies I have my favorite taste tester, my husband and very favorite roommate. I have received the nod of approval from him, so I can pack up the cookies (leaving some behind for him) to take to my sister.

This is where I confess to being a devoted, if not a fanatical cookie maker. I have a family that has long had the benefit of amazing cookies, if I do say so myself. However, I find myself in need of people to bake for as my family is full-up on cookies at present as is my freezer. I am also a devoted pie maker, or a 'Pie Queen' ala Anne Dimock and her wonderful book, Humble Pie. Having made hundreds of pies in the last two decades or so I feel compelled to try new varieties and recipes. Once again, my family can only eat so much pie per week; thank heavens that Thanksgiving is around the corner so that I can really flex my pie muscles.

I wonder if cookie breaks were taken while teachers' union officials and their contract negotiating counterparts hammer out a new contract, would result in successful negotiations more quickly. Or if those who are walking the tightrope of trade and other policy instrument development with significant challenges, would benefit from a cookie break to the let off steam. What could be better for the negotiations themselves, much less the condition of each individual id than enjoying a delicious cookie with one's beverage of choice? It could represent a breakthrough method for tough negotiations. I submit that it would be difficult to be surly when eating a cookie that leaves crumbs on one's face, and indeed such crumbs that have to be pointed out to the one besmirched. Such an exchange could scarcely occur without laughter, or a snigger at the very least.

Thank you Dorie Greenspan for another delicious cookie recipe!

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